[Discussion] censorship in FSFE, Debian, Mozilla and other communities

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.pro
Thu May 2 10:04:10 BST 2019

On 02/05/2019 08:46, Reinhard Müller wrote:

> 2. You subscribed the list discussion at lists.fsfe.org to your new mailing
> list, without any consent of the list administrator or the current list
> subscribers of discussion at lists.fsfe.org. This is *not acceptable*.

How does that differ from telling 1500 fellows that they have been
force-subscribed to the "supporter" program?  Some people felt that was
not acceptable either.  I never consented to received FSFE Supporter emails.

This is just a continuation of the existing fellowship communications
channel as it was before censorship.

FSFE has forked away the fellowship by removing it from the
constitution.  Feel free to roll back.

GDPR?  The President, Matthias Kirschner has also approved of this.  He
sent an email around other organizations encouraging free software
organizations to share information about their members.  Quoting Kirschner:

"One general wish -- which I agreed with -- from Debian was to better
share information about people"

Several people sent that email to me because other parts of it were so
offensive, some of it even implausible.  For those who saw it, I can
confirm that some of the most serious implications of that email are
simply not true.

Yet that statement appears to be an endorsement for helping fellows
continue communicating with each other through a new list.  As the old
list has stopped using the name "fellowship", I think it should be shut
down and this list can continue as the only list of the fellowship.

Why would it be OK for cabal members to share private information about
people as Kirschner wishes?  If somebody is a member of two free
software organizations, does that give the leaders of each organization
the right to share information about them or is that a violation of
their rights under GDPR?



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