anti-RMS / pro-RMS dichotomy (was: transparency and succession)

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Wed Oct 2 01:44:52 BST 2019

Lori Nagel <jastiv at> wrote:
> There are people there who feel that RMS should have stepped down a long time ago.  There are also people who support RMS and strongly disagree with the smear campaign against him.  I think the reason that the FSF hasn't made an official statement on it, is that they lose either way.  Either all the RMS supporters leave because the FSF said they disown him, or the people who think he should have stepped down leave because of all this negative publicity (people who feel RMS makes the free software movement look bad).

This implies, that all who have been felt for a long time that RMS should step down are happy about the smear campaign.  This is not true.

As Dr. Stallman himself once said about Steve Jobs: “I am not glad he’s dead, but I am glad he’s gone”.

Same, there are those who find the mobbing outrageous, but either aware of some real issues (barely known to the agnostical to computational freedom feminist mob and thus not discussed much) that are hardly resolvable while RMS is in charge, or simply do not believe that ‘benevolent dictator for life’ is a good solution, and therefore may be even disappointed that he for all that have not retired from GNU leadership.
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