Radbot is a winner!

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.pro
Thu Oct 3 09:39:03 BST 2019

On 03/10/2019 10:22, Damon Hart-Davis wrote:

> (Radbot is the open-source-based https://github.com/opentrv/ smart
> radiator valve that can save ~30% of your heating carbon footprint and
> bills.  I can be reached at dhd at exnet.com <http://exnet.com>.  Offer
> expires 8th Oct: I’ve been out of the office and a bit slow to post this
> here even with Daniel’s prompting.)

It would be good to publish some details about the cases where 30%
savings can be achieved.  I'm aware that these claims are valid for some
homes but not every home.

Even without the cost savings, some people feel that using an electronic
TRV helps improve temperature stability in rooms that always feel hotter
or colder than the rest of their house.

> Hi Y’All,
> Radbot has won Product of the Year at this year's Energy Efficiency Awards!

Congratulations, this is an amazing achievement for a product developed
using a free, open source methodology

> If anyone wants to buy some we have a 50%-off offer for the next week:
> drop me a line and I’ll share the discount code with you.

This is very generous, thanks for sharing this

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