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Hi everybody,

With the FSFE annual meeting (GA meeting) happening[1] this month (11-13
October, Essen, Germany), there will be no fellowship representative
formally recognized by FSFE e.V.  Therefore, it is up to every
individual fellow to represent themselves in the meeting.

The FSFE e.V. web site contains[2] some basic financial data but it is
not presented in enough detail.  A lot of details from the full budget
are hidden in the name of transparency.

Attached is the last full budget received by the fellowship in February

Among other things, this shows the extent to which FSFE e.V. is now
dependent upon Googledollars, in other words, they are a puppet for
Google.  The highly defamatory emails sent by Matthias Kirschner and
Florian Snow recently are examples of Google-sponsored terrorism against
people who question Google's influence.  Does anybody doubt that the
invisible hand of Google was also at work in the assassination of
Richard Stallman?



1. https://fsfe.org/events/events.en.html
2. https://fsfe.org/about/transparency-commitment.en.html

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Subject: [GA] 2018 budget proposal & 2017 results
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2018 14:58:47 +0100
From: Jonas Oberg <jonas at fsfe.org>
To: ga at lists.fsfe.org

Dear all,

please find attached the council's proposal for a budget for 2018,
including the results for 2015--2017 for comparison. Please note as
usual there are some smaller deviations between the results here and
the ones posted on our website. The latter include final adjustments
by our tax consultant, including depreciation of assets, etc.

Also note that for this year, I've re-calculated the results for all
years (2015 through 2017) based on our accounting files in order to
make sure the numbers are comparable between years. In most cases,
there have been no differences, but in a few cases, numbers for
previous years have been adjusted.

## Results

As you can see in our OVERVIEW tab, the FSFE is leaving behind another
successful year, in terms of our financial development. Our income of
547k surpasses our expenses of 437k, which means a positive result of
+110k which we add to our account.

Our income is certainly lower than in 2016 (when we had a number of
extraordinary donations), but we have seen a continued growth in
supporter contributions (+21k) which together with the contribution
from Siemens (+75k) for the REUSE project constitute our most
significant deviations from budget for the year. Excluding these
developments, the income is in line with expectations and comparable
to 2015.

You may remember that last year, we noted a weak growth of our
supporter contributions (+6%), so we're happy to see a higher growth
this year (+11%).  Please see the INCOME tab for details.

For our expenses (refer to the EXPENSES tab), our expenses are
significantly below budget in most areas. In particular, you will
note that our cost for the PMCP campaign is lower than anticipated
since the freelancer originally hired for the campaign had conflicting
engagements in 2017, so we didn't use her time as much as we planned.
We also did not have any larger volunteer summit, which also contributes
to our lower spending in 2017.

We have, however, have significantly higher costs for technical
infrastructure (16k compares to 8k budget), which is due to our work on
the new Account Management System and technical support for the
SaveCodeShare campaign.

Our budget for public awareness is in line with expectations overall, but
we've seen a lower cost for event participation (10k compared to budget of
18k). The cost for Paul Hänsch may look increased, but is due to
reallocation of his time from ADMIN-TECH to PA.

Overall, with a financial result of +110k, we add that to the funding we
had coming into 2017 and start the year 2018 with ca 372 kkr on our bank
account -- more than we have ever had!

## Budget 2018

As you know, one of our metrics we seek to improve is our cost-
coverage at year start. This tells us how much of our budget for the
fiscal year is already covered by funds in our bank account. This has
been 20-21% for 2014--2016, increased to 56% for 2017 and is now 71%
for 2018. So essentially: 71% of our budgeted activities in 2018 are
already paid for by available cash.

Our estimated expenses for 2018 is 521k EUR which is comparable to
our budgeted spending in 2017. We foresee a lower spending on employee
costs, but a more significant increase in spending on policy work.
Investment into the "Public Money - Public Code" campaign is a notable
expense in this (39k EUR).

In the OVERVIEW tab, you can see what our current funding gap is. The
funding gap is the difference between what we had on our account the
1st of January (incoming saldo) plus the known income we'll have in
the year and the budgeted expenses.

Before 2016, we've had this as a funding gap, but for both 2017 and 2018
this has been a funding surplus, meaning that even if the only income we
receive in 2018 is according to our cautious estimate, we would still
have 256k left by the end of the year.

That's not what we're aiming for of course. We're aiming to raise more
donations and other income in 2018 than our cautious estimate so that if
possible, we increase our saldo rather than decrease it. In order to
do so, the organisation needs to raise an additional 96,921 Euro beyond
the our known income (our predicted yearly result).

For comparison, our final result for FY14-FY17 compared to our original
cuatious estimates have been:

         Estimate    Result    Delta
  2017   375,040     472,437    97,397 (excluding extraordinary donations)
  2016   359,180     499,241   140,061 (excluding extraordinary donations)
  2015   350,000     441,963    91,963
  2014   313,000     387,292    74,292

## Outlook 2019

As we move forward to 2019 and the years beyond that, we would hope to see
a continued growth in our supporters to support our long-term growth. The
dip in 2016 seems to have been a one time occurance, but we'll need to
watch this continuously.

While surpassing budget, it's worth noting our regular donations have
dropped in 2017 compared to earlier years (even if we exclude the
extraordinary donations), so we would be hoping to see a stronger donor
activity for 2018.

## Questions and next steps

Happy to hear any thoughts or questions about the budget. For our next
General Assembly, it will be up to Patrick or Matthias to deliver a
longer overview of our financial development, but I hope this has served
a good starting point for that. I know Patrick is eager to dive deeper
into our numbers and find additional metrics to look at, to increase our
understanding our of resources and budgets.


Jonas Öberg
Executive Director

FSFE e.V. - keeping the power of technology in your hands. Your
support enables our work, please join us today http://fsfe.org/join

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