Fwd: [GA] 2018 budget proposal & 2017 results

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.pro
Fri Oct 4 18:14:53 BST 2019

On 04/10/2019 16:11, Florian Snow wrote:
> On October 4, 2019 3:45:10 PM GMT+02:00, Daniel Pocock <daniel at pocock.pro> wrote:
>> Volunteers are not obliged to inform FSFE e.V. about their family life.
> I did not claim otherwise.

Yet a strongly-worded email criticizing volunteers for not being able to
follow through on everything may create the impression that absences
have to be explained.

>> There are many private situations where a volunteer would not be able
>> to disclose any details at all.
> I would imagine that in such a situation, said volunteer would not attack others for ..

This wasn't just about any one volunteer, I mentioned the names of
various volunteers who were attacked recently.

What about the volunteer who was forcibly excluded from his local FSFE
group after distributing a leaflet about Google?  Seeing that Google's
financial contributions are so large to justify their own entry in the
budget shines a new light on the concerns that volunteer was trying to
raise and the huge conflict-of-interest staff had when deciding to
punish him.

>> While these things are ongoing, while various mailing lists are
>> actively
>> censoring mail about conflicts of interest and Google
> I am not sure which mailing lists you mean, but I can tell you that none of the FSFE mailing lists do that.  And from what I have seen on the FSF mailing lists, I don't have that impression either.

My own blog was removed from Planet FSFE when I asked questions about
conflicts of interest.  I was simply trying to perform my role as a
representative.  Any attempt to send email to lists.fsfe.org lists is
also censored, you personally used your role as moderator there to
reject a message that I sent giving a long explanation about it.  The
correct thing to do would have been to answer the question publicly.



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