Fwd: [GA] 2018 budget proposal & 2017 results

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.pro
Sat Oct 5 10:33:09 BST 2019

On 04/10/2019 21:25, Florian Snow wrote:
> On October 4, 2019 8:27:17 PM GMT+02:00, Daniel Pocock <daniel at pocock.pro> wrote:
>> Stasi[1] HQ
> Thank you for reminding me of the reason I stopped debating with you a while ago and why I shouldn't have started again.

You started again on Monday opening a thread with an email that appeared
very personal.  There was nothing about free software in there, it was
all about me in a role I resigned from over a year ago.

> And just for everyone else who is wondering: I am a volunteer, like many others that Daniel attacks, calls terrorists, spies, and bribed by Google. But I guess the negative salary that the FSFE pays me is so heavily influenced by Google that I just don't realize how wrong I am.

If we set aside the terrorist stuff, how can you say Google is not spying?

Bribing and corporate influence are not the same thing, I've only
alleged the latter.  The fact that Google has their own line in the
spreadsheet shows that their interests are at the front of everybody's
minds in FSFE.

9 November is the 30th anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down.  To
celebrate, why not send Google's money back to them?



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