How do we proceed?

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I've been silent on this list so far, but I have to respond to this.

When someone whose UID portion of his email address is "ahitler" says of 
someone of Jewish ancestry that he "may be liquidated soon", that's 
beyond the pale!  What exactly are you implying is going to happen to 

On 10/7/19 8:09 AM, ahilter at wrote:
> How are we supposed to proceed now? RMS is gone and may be liquidated soon. Daniel is under constant attack and needs to be protected. What structure can we have so that we can collect money and eliminate the wrong FSF*?
> It won't be easy, because we don't have a real leader here either. Daniel is the only one who really works for us, but he has given up his stalk. The followers are unfortunately all false prophets. That is quite obvious. Garfield is invented. Florian Snow is Google. Joe Anwi is invented. What should we do? We need a strong leader in our movement.
> We should definitely raise money to hire bodyguards for Daniel. He must continue to speak for our movement even without being our elected leader. The fact that only he exposes the true motives of the false FSF* should be enough. We need him. Let us protect our leader together!
> Who has ideas on how best to do this? I no longer want to be helpless at the mercy of the villains of the wrong FSF*!
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