How do we proceed?

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Tue Oct 8 07:54:55 BST 2019

Oct 7, 2019, 18:21 by mbr at

> When someone whose UID        portion of his email address is "ahitler" says of someone of        Jewish ancestry that he "may be liquidated soon", that's beyond        the pale!  What exactly are you implying is going to happen to        Richard?
I am horrified. Now I am attacked because I fight for free software and RMS. You're trying to pull my good name into the mud and allude to Jews.  That's not acceptable. RMS is not a Jew. He is an atheist. Are you a Jew? I don't know what you want. It's really horrible how some people, probably paid by Google, sneak into our community and attack the real fighters. I won't let you insult me here! I didn't say anything about Jews! Leave us alone MBR. We are here for freedom and exchange of opinions, not for smear campaigns.

It can't be a coincidence that exactly 80 years ago today Germany ordered the complete reorganization of Poland. Exactly this rearrangement is tried by some dreadful elements with our community. We must be vigilant and always ready to defend ourselves. We are not going down without a fight! Not against such people as Florian Snow and MBR who take money to destroy our community.  Since Daniel took the floor, people have been shooting back. For a good future for free software!

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