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> someone of        Jewish ancestry
Another thing: What is Jewish descent supposed to mean at all? I know that Jews are often called people and that Judaism is "inherited" on the mother's side. But if we are honest, this is the same stupid mistake the Nazis have already made. Judaism is not a people, it is a religion. Religion cannot be inherited. There may be cultural peculiarities that are passed on like circumcision, but I don't even know if RMS is circumcised. But even if that is the case, it is a bad sign of cultural belonging, because most Americans are circumcised, even Catholics. Officially, of course, there are medical reasons, but it was actually introduced to make masturbation more difficult. Because of the dryness you need cream or something and it can hurt. So all religions are the same because they have a sex-hostile attitude. That was also a suppression of personal freedom, but nobody cares. History is full of problems with freedom and we are at such a point again. Either way, it is wrong to talk about a people, especially when it depends on something as small as a foreskin. In any case, I have no desire to inspect whether someone is circumcised or not. So let's cut the crap with the Jews and talk about important things like free software again.

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