how the RMS / FSF coup was exposed

Jean Louis bugs at
Sat Oct 12 22:09:49 BST 2019

* Christian Imhorst <> [2019-09-23 17:47]:
> Dear Daniel,
> Am 23. September 2019 18:32:50 MESZ schrieb Daniel Pocock <daniel at>:
> >on FSF mailing lists, "we are now having to review posts before they
> >are
> >distributed".  Clearly, posts which don't suit the narrative of the
> >coup, like mine, will not get through.
> that's because you are part of the problem and not part of the solution.
> I am glad that Stallman is no longer president of the FSF. I hope
> they will find someone who will represent our hopefully more diverse
> movement better.

It is wrong.

FSF was and has legal obligation to remain apolitical.

GNU project was never discriminatory and shall remain apolitical.

No feminism politics or any other kind of politics are allowed in
GNU project.

Your opinion will be valid when you do some of free software speeches
like RMS is doing:

As you are doing that from email address now I consider FSFE
politically biased, taking stances in politics other than free
software and thus not true to free software philosophy.

FSFE cannot be trusted for reasons of supporting the apolitical GNU
free software philosophy.

It can be trusted by people who support their different politics, but
not true free software activists who guard freedom zero for software
to be used by everybody.

FSFE cannot be trusted to promote free software for everybody when
having staff members or members using their official domain
to take political stances.


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