[Backtotheaugust] I wish to support RMS

Jean Louis bugs at gnu.support
Sun Oct 13 06:53:49 BST 2019

* Scott <scott.monahan at openmail.cc> [2019-10-13 00:03]:
> Scott Monahan, a user of GNU/Linux.

Thank you for defense of RMS and that includes GNU and FSF too.

I do not know of any evidence that somebody in FSF is doing something
wrong against the GNU or RMS, if anybody knows, please show me links.

Let me give you summary of what happened:

1. Person accused RMS of issues not related to GNU or FSF, related to
   jokes like abort() jokes, related to his statements which were
   logical and nothing bad. Even if his statements would be bad for
   majority of people, those are not related to free software

   See references below.
   My Thoughts on the Richard Stallman "Scandal" by Jacob


2. Few of people in GNU project have made statement that supports
   feminism politics and have published it on the GNU project pages,
   in particular on Guix: https://guix.gnu.org/

   They have tried to hide the feminism agenda on that page, but they
   have openly said it on their IRC log, see evidences on
   http://logs.guix.gnu.org/guix/2019-10-07.log and
   http://logs.guix.gnu.org/guix/2019-10-08.log by searching for words
   "abort" and "virgin" jokes and "MIT".

   Basically, without public discussion, without verification of
   facts, they are abusing GNU project pages and trying to introduce
   feminism politics into GNU project.

3. People protest against it and make various comments and

The basis of GNU project is that it is for everybody, it shall be
apolitical, because as soon as any politics is introduced, it is
dividing the community.

We are together in community for reasons of free software philosophy
as that is planetarry common goal for GNU and free software

Feminism or introduction of any politics into the independent and
apolitical GNU project is obviously dividing the community as we are
not supposed to be identified within GNU project by our political
opinion, but by our activism to free software. The only politics that
GNU project shall push is free software activism.

We shall be friends in GNU project for reasons of having GNU as
common. And not for reasons if we agree to feminism or not agree to
feminism or any other politics beyond GNU project, at that moment it
becomes politics beyond free software.

Sadly nobody from FSF realizes what means division of community and
nobody is acting upon it publicly that I know or can see.

My suggestion is that you rethink about all that and decide yourself
if introduction of any other politics is good or not good for GNU and
FSF, and then to write to following email addresses with your opinion:

To FSF: fsf-and-gnu at fsf.org and to GNU: gnu-and-fsf at gnu.org and
express your opinion.

Jean Louis

P.S. How does Dr. Richard Stallman lead GNU Project?

Dr. Richard Stallman contacts opinion leaders and forwards free software:

He teaches the world on free software:

Dr. Richard Stallman provides policies and planning for GNU project, and he has done so successfuly for many years.

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