Re: “should have had a warning / apology”

Tadeus Prastowo eus at
Sun Oct 13 10:32:48 BST 2019

> > And I generally do apologies (and promote such habits) when I use or
> > prompt others to engage with entities I feel are harmful overall. To be
> > specific to software freedom, instead of an absolute of never suggesting
> > or using any proprietary software ever, I make compromises to be
> > practical but I *acknowledge* and *apologize* for them. They aren't my
> > fault, but I'm promoting *awareness* of the problem and refusing to
> > spread the idea that using non-free software is just fine and normal.
> This sounds as a good policy to have. I will adopt it myself. Thank you
> for the tip.

I pretty much second that.  A very good policy, IMO.

Best regards,

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