Removal of A.Hitler <ahilter at>

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Mon Oct 14 14:27:39 BST 2019

Oct 8, 2019, 16:41 by mbr at

> Since I was the one        who first pointed out that the UID portion of the email address        seemed to refer to Adolf Hitler, I feel the need to mention that        I just noticed that it doesn't.  Note that the "l" in the UID        comes before the "t".  So it could well be a legitimate name        which is unfortunately very easy to misread.
Apology accepted. Unfortunately I couldn't write earlier because I had violent diarrhea and didn't have the time to spend long enough on the computer to read or write mails. And I didn't want to take the computer with me to the crapper because I read that it causes illness. Computers then have faeces on them and that doesn't go away anymore. Many toothbrushes even have faeces. You shouldn't do that because it's unhealthy. That is why I am writing now. I feel better and have a new toothbrush.

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