ahilter at keemail.me ahilter at keemail.me
Mon Oct 14 15:20:32 BST 2019

Oct 14, 2019, 14:05 by daniel at pocock.pro:

> No, you're not.  Do you really believe I wouldn't consider censoring
> this list if somebody from Google arrived on my doorstep right now and
> handed me $300,000 to do so?
What's that supposed to mean? You also take money from Google? Why? I thought you were protecting us. Maybe we should rethink you. I believed you and now you're saying that. I am horrified. Maybe the FSF* is better than you, because if you all take money from Google, the organization that gets money also from other people is better. And it has a smaller overhead because it doesn't have to spend money on bodyguards. Why did you even start this when this list is also censored for Google? It's all shit and not saving the world. It really sucks.

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