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Mon Oct 14 16:15:58 BST 2019

* Daniel Pocock <daniel at> [2019-10-14 19:36]:
> On 14/10/2019 14:49, ahilter at wrote:
> > Oct 14, 2019, 13:42 by stefan.frech at
> > 
> >>
> > we are protected from censorship.
> No, you're not.  Do you really believe I wouldn't consider censoring
> this list if somebody from Google arrived on my doorstep right now
> and handed me $300,000 to do so?

Well, that is matter of integrity.

People with integrity have no price.

Without integrity, the limit can be lifted, it is just matter of price
for them.

But people with integrity have something much more valuable inside,
for eternity.

> If you want protection from censorship then it is necessary to
> re-think the whole platform, not just move to another list.

"censorship" more relates to governments, private mailing lists are
always censored.


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