Removal of A.Hitler <ahilter at>

ahilter at ahilter at
Mon Oct 14 16:29:28 BST 2019

Oct 8, 2019, 17:37 by roland at

> On 10/08/2019 06:41 PM, MBR wrote:
> Very easy to misunderstand it. He/she should consider changing the email
> address  because it"feels" like Adolf Hitler. Maybe take a pseudonym
> instead?
Why would I need a pseudonym if other people are too stupid to read (not MBR, he is sorry)? Orally the problem is so rare that I didn't even think you'd react to it. That is discrimination when people have to change their own names because of the lack of reading ability of other people. I have a clean name and I don't want it to be dirty. It was dirty enough over the last days when I was sickly. When things get dirty, you can no longer think well and do stupid things. I always want to be in control so that nothing slips out. Otherwise there will be trouble.

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