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Is this list censored (what many call moderation) too? Please tell me the
truth: Yes or No.

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> It's time, the censorship here is googled too. Great. I think we move on
> like nomads. I just wanted to protect Daniel. Below is the message again.
> Is there anything offensive about it? No. Nevertheless I am censored.
> Daniel admitted it himself when he said
> Do you really believe I wouldn't consider censoring
> this list if somebody from Google arrived on my doorstep right now and
> handed me $300,000 to do so?
> So he admits it. Unbelievable. Here the mail. Please no longer enter. He
> does not deserve our protection.
> Is there really no one interested in how we can go on here? Daniel must be
> protected as soon as possible so that "Maffias" Kirchner and Florian Sow
> (clever nicknames) don't get him. Of course we can do this personally, but
> I don't know how much time you have. Maybe we'll just make a list and
> divide up volunteers and what's left we'll have to cover with paid staff.
> I think we are enough people to finance that. Alternatively Daniel might
> be brought to South America where he might be safer. But there's no way he
> can be in Europe. There the FSFE is simply too strong and in North America
> the FSF. And I read in Daniel's blog that the French government is also
> involved. Maybe that's why they switch to Matrix, so that nobody can read
> their messages. A victory for free software but a setback for human
> rights? Who knows. What do you think is the best way to continue? I want
> to work you hard and make the world a better place. That's what another
> Michael said: Make a better place for you and for
>   me. Save it for our children!
> I almost forgot the list. Please sign up (at least for two hours each). I
> use military time and the time zone is of course UTC. I've only made one
> plan until the end of 2020. Maybe that's enough. Maybe we need more.
> Please sign up. Just write the name behind it.
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