censorship alternatives (was: Re: )

Jean Louis bugs at gnu.support
Mon Oct 14 16:50:33 BST 2019

* Daniel Pocock <daniel at pocock.pro> [2019-10-14 20:57]:
> When I wrote re-think the whole platform, I meant either finding a
> de-centralized way to distribute control of list membership or an
> alternative technology.  I wasn't just thinking about everybody
> endlessly moving from one list server to the next.

That should be so, if mailing list is set up for discussion of certain
subject and anything related to that subject, an ethical administrator
shall allow people to communicate.

That is expected from a mailing list.

For example GNU project is not political, and Guix people are making
it political for their agenda, but not allowing people to speak to
Guix people about the same issue they have started talking inside of
Guix space.

That is censorship, not just moderation of off-topic communication.

But setting up such system in place would be something similar to
Bitcoin block chain that makes sure that certain emails are always
there INSIDE of the block chain, but some are on topic and visible and
some are off-topic and not visible.

Verification of the block chain could make sure that everybody knows
who wrote what to the mailing list even if some emails were marked as

Something like that.


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