intervening against abuse from FSFE

Daniel Pocock daniel at
Tue Oct 15 16:41:52 BST 2019

Hi all,

It has been communicated to me that the FSFE e.V. annual meeting
discussed motions abusive to two volunteers.  There were already some
hints about this on the Fellowship list.

In over 20 years doing free software, I've never seen anything so
hideous.  I sincerely hope that this email turns out to be fake news but
I have seen enough evidence to suspect the reports are accurate.

The two volunteers have been committed to Free Software throughout their
entire professional lives.

The nature of the motions are purely destructive and intended to cause
personal harm.  They bring no benefit to free software.  The documents
I've seen show only one thing: a vendetta.

Multiple GA members have resigned.  Other members and staff are
contemplating a similar response.  The resignations may not appear
publicly but you will be able to detect them when their names are
removed from the FSFE e.V. "Team" page:*/

When other organizations have pursued similar courses of action,
including vendettas and other gross acts of bullying it has led to
physical violence, suicides and other acts that have done far more than
simply bringing the organization into disrepute.  The information I've
been shown suggests that some members of FSFE e.V. seek to take the
organization down that path.  People have speculated this vendetta is
being pursued with the zealousness of the final solution, which is a
horrible analogy but nonetheless it reflects the entirely destructive

Abusing a volunteer is incredibly serious.  There is no positive
outcome, the only question is how much harm will FSFE do now.  The
organization will also suffer increased cost and inconvenience when
staff members quit and sponsors withdraw.

If these reports are true, then I would reconsider my previous call for
Matthias Kirschner to resign, it would be better for the whole
organization to be disbanded.



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