some advice from Barack Obama to Free Software communities?

Jean Louis bugs at
Wed Oct 16 08:06:51 BST 2019

* Daniel Pocock <daniel at> [2019-10-16 12:26]:
> I hear that the FSFE annual meeting recently decided to make various
> changes to their constitution, removing Richard Stallman's name and
> inserting Open Source, then extending the 2 year term of Matthias
> Kirschner indefinitely so he can be president for life.
> Let's hope it is all fake news.

It would be good to provide link or reference. But it does not matter
really, as everbody is free to open up their own FSF, do you

You can do it in Germany.

Even articles and by-laws of FSF in Boston are welcoming friendly
other FSF organizations.

The free software philosophy is free, licensed to be free for anybody,
so the foundation for any new FSF is laid out, and GNU system is
already in existence in multiples, everbody can form their own

I would not bash them for that, but then we shall promote free
software philosophy without politics.


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