some advice from Barack Obama to Free Software communities?

Anco Dapo ancodapo at
Wed Oct 16 12:29:46 BST 2019


> then extending the 2 year term of Matthias Kirschner

That is not uncommon and I think it is a good thing to have these elections regularly.

> Let's hope it is all fake news.

It's coming from you, so it most likely is.

> Here is what Obama tells us:

I don't know what you're trying to say, but there is another lesson we can learn from Obama: Even though the claims about him not being a natural born US citizen were outrageous, he published his birth certificate. You should do the same. If the FSFE and the FSF are as bad as you say and not just good organizations that occasionally make a mistake, then it would be your duty as a free software supporter to show us some proof. Otherwise the effect of your statements is limited. In contrast to Obama though, who had a birth certificate, you have nothing to show.

You have been consistently unwilling or more likely unable to support your claims with anything but at least potentially out of context quotes. So I don't think you actually still want to support free software any longer. You are a disgruntled former volunteer who is upset about something small and now wants to destroy the whole organization. Why do you think your problem is not limited to the FSFE? It might be a good idea to have a critical look on your own behavior and figure out which parts you may have caused. It is unlikely that all these organizations who kicked you out did so without reason. You keep on pointing to a smoking gun, but there is none.


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