some advice from Barack Obama to Free Software communities?

Daniel Pocock daniel at
Wed Oct 16 14:04:23 BST 2019

On 16/10/2019 13:49, Jean Louis wrote:
> * Daniel Pocock <daniel at> [2019-10-16 18:03]:
>> It isn't just the FSFE.  Back in Roman times they would demote people
>> to be non-citizens and take away their vote, like demoting the Fellows
>> to be Supporters.  Every now and then they would kill some slaves to
>> keep all the other slaves in fear.
>> Romans used lions and tigers to kill their slaves, now it is email
>> lynchings but isn't it the same mindset?
>>> It is unlikely that all these organizations who kicked you out did so without reason.
>> I wasn't kicked out, I resigned:
> What is fellowship? Any reference to it?

>> A few weeks later Matthias Kirschner had a meeting with Chris Lamb
>> (Debian) in Italy somewhere and decided to make ongoing hostilities.
>> Why this vendetta, why didn't they let sleeping dogs lie after I
>> resigned?
> Which hostilities, any reference?

An email circulated by Matthias Kirschner contains the quote: "One
general wish -- which I agreed with -- from Debian was to better
share information about people".  The email went around privately, as it
is mostly defamatory I'm not planning to publish it publicly.

People who know the history of the Stasi, blacklisting and such are
horrified at these conspiracies against volunteers.

>> Look at the FSF archives and see if you can find the message I posted in
>> support of RMS:
>> Notice that messages posted by Jean Louis and I today don't appear there
>> either.  Censorship.  Smoking gun.
> That is moderated, censored, forbidden, for reasons that they will
> simply say it is off-topic. Maybe even Richard Stallman is censored
> too.
> They censored many of my messages, and I was just answering to
> people. I am not even initiating the conversation. Just
> answering. 
> But Guix leaders' statement was off-topic for GNU project and nobody
> is censoring their page. That is my point, I would not say anything
> would there be 1 (one) person responsible to keep GNU project
> apolitical or to supervise websites according to GNU kind
> communication guidelines.
> Basically everything that RMS said that relates to GNU project and
> free software represents free software philosophy. That includes GNU
> kind communication guidelines and the point that GNU shall remain
> apolitical, and that only politics shall be free software and related
> human rights.
> So if there is no inner moderation of politics and bad conduct, then I
> am protesting.
> And even Guix developers think that it is off-topic to post it to
> Guix-devel and help-guix mailing lists, I think it is very on-topic as
> they started posting off-topic defamation of the RMS on Guix pages.

What you describe is politics 101: the people who control the
infrastructure will do what they want, rule by decree and use codes of
conduct as a justification for whatever they want to do anyway.  These
are more arguments for changing the structure of FSF and GNU.

While some people speak up publicly about these concerns, there are many
more who recognized these games and simply quit.  Better things to do
with their time.



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