Aw: Re: some advice from Barack Obama to Free Software communities?

Anco Dapo ancodapo at
Wed Oct 16 14:04:56 BST 2019


> Romans used lions and tigers to kill their slaves, now it is email
> lynchings but isn't it the same mindset?

All I can see is that they removed a disruptive element from their organization. That is sensible.

> > It is unlikely that all these organizations who kicked you out did so without reason.
> I wasn't kicked out, I resigned:

Well, you resigned just before they could kick you out. So that is essentially the same. And I also wrote about other organizations. I saw your mails on the Debian lists. I am not surprised they didn't want you there anymore. They do great work and you took up too much of their time. Debian is healthier without you.

> Censorship.  Smoking gun.

I was talking about your recent accusations of the FSFE. So again, you have no proof.


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