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Adrienne G. Thompson adriennegayethompson at gmail.com
Wed Oct 16 22:44:01 BST 2019

Jean Louis, Pedro:

Welcome to the movement!

On Wed, Oct 16, 2019 at 2:08 PM Jean Louis <bugs at gnu.support> wrote:

> You have no good intentions, and your intention is harassing and
> defaming Dr. Richard Stallman for the sake of GNU Guile project, for
> the damage to Guix, for the damage to GNU and for division of
> community.

On Wed, Oct 16, 2019 at 2:40 PM Pedro Fco. <maslinux at maslinux.es> wrote:

> I can't say dear to everyone because I hate sh**.
> Just as Stallman's haters don't rest on their definitions because of
> their Asperger, I'm going to take advantage of my news medium to defame
> and expose the garbage in GNU, which doesn't deserve to be there because
> GNU is so big and so good, there's no room for garbage.
> I'm taking note of all GNU traitors so the world knows what kind of sh**
> they are.
> Long live Stallman.
> Pedro Francisco de las Casas, https://maslinux.es

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