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Jean Louis bugs at gnu.support
Wed Oct 16 23:39:54 BST 2019

RMS was smart and have envisioned the GNU kind communication
guidelines, for GNU to remain apolitical, with only politics being
free software politics and human rights in computing.

That is quite clear. Some find it hard to understand.

As soon as the Thoughtpolice Squad started punishing RMS and thus
anybody else who thinks different, and for the Thoughtcrime reasons
there sprung protests, outrages, community division and distrust.

The Thoughtpolice Squad is inviting more and more people to join with
them to separate the GNU project into splitter groups.

Man, I don't mind if I disagree in one subject with somebody, I cannot
possible agree on everything, this is hard to achieve even with one

What I mind is to agree on those issues that matter, on those issues
that are common to us. That is how we eat together, that is how we
drink together and spend time together. Because of things we have in

If we start pointing to things we have not get in common, we will
never agree on anything. That is not GNU community.

Reason we are friends is because we do agree on something, we find
something together. That something is free software and users' rights
in free software.

The Thoughtpolice Squad does not understand what means "building a
community". They are introducing "how GNU maintainers shall think" and
impose their political rules onto everbody.

Several people are departing in fear of punishments for wrong

If we speak of community, if anybody can be said to be "father of
communities" that is Richard Stallman.

His vision on computing and programming community was simply picked
and spread throughout the world in various different branches, it does
not matter how they named themselves, free software was spreading
faster than one can think.

Plethora or communites are established by themselves due to GNU
project. Due to work of Dr. Richard Stallman.

Did Linus envision community? No. He envisioned kernel and
accomplished it. He has not get any sense for community, his politics
is not planetary and he has no rules on good conduct.

Please Guix people, if you are punishing RMS for his political notes,
then how about removing Linus too for his direct aggressive and bad
behavior within Linux kernel? Are you going to ask Linus to step down
too for reasons of Thoughtcrime?

But Linus is not paying Guix people with donations of US $100,000. FSF
is paying, so they have to have "friends" in the FSF who are
supporting unspoken departure of RSM and who are tolerating politics
on GNU project pages.

It is about money, power in organization, their position and good
will. But they are getting contrary results to what they wanted.

RMS envisioned community and got multiple varieties of communities all
over the world, that is legacy of RMS. Even those who don't like him,
they speak bad about him within the community that RMS
created. Unbelievable but true.

Yet communities are all over the world and they all sprung due to free

No defamation, slander, bad mouth and bitching can ignore the fact.

RMS is father of free software communities.

Only very kind person will allow the Thoughtpolice Squad to defame him
for reasons of Thoughtcrime on his own project page GNU.ORG.

RMS quotes on what he did after the first collapse of the community:

"So I looked for a way that a programmer could do something for the
good. I asked myself, was there a program or programs that I could
write, so as to make a community possible once again?

The answer was clear: what was needed first was an operating
system. That is the crucial software for starting to use a
computer. With an operating system, you can do many things; without
one, you cannot run the computer at all. With a free operating system,
we could again have a community of cooperating hackers—and invite
anyone to join. And anyone would be able to use a computer without
starting out by conspiring to deprive his or her friends."

The second collapse of the community is happening now.

The answer is clear to the second collapse of the community:

Enforce the "freedom zero" within the community: that everybody is
welcome in the community of free software users and programmers,
regardless of their viewpoints, gender, political issues, make a list
here of other things, and allow only free software. Including
everybody and including RMS. Everybody shall be welcome regardless of
their political views outside of the GNU project.

Jean Louis

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