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who is interested will find some information about legal issues here:

The 2019 minutes are not published yet.

When they will be published, it is possible to check them at the
registration court in Hamburg, Germany (Amtsgericht Hamburg VR 17030).
It says there that it's a draft. Don't keep distracting from what's really important. What you call facts is what real freedom fighters like Daniel and me call fake news (others too). Of course, FSFE doesn't publish a draft, only finished stuff. You try to confuse us here with fake news. Leave us alone! I thought I could trust you, but you should also burn!

You don't even tell us how FSFE supported you. You praise them for helping out that there is another organization for free software, but you don't even tell us a name. I think they really destroyed Dusseldorf and you just want to protect FSFE. But not as long Daniel and me still live! You can only take my freedom this way: From my cold dead hands!

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