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Thu Oct 17 15:36:21 BST 2019

The FSFE GA is over. It will never be forgotten by those of us who have fought and worked and lived anyway. It was the most difficult year yet for Free Software, one that subjected us to great moral and material tests. It gave us the task to keep what we had conquered in our glorious offensives of earlier years, the foundation of our final victory, and to defend it with courage and without wavering against the raging storm of our enemies. To a large extent, we have succeeded. We had experienced that it is true to accept losses and setbacks, but they are in no way decisive for the outcome of the war, nor are their causes to be sought for any failure of our morale or material during this long war. The cowardly betrayal of the FSF board and some Google supporters cost us dearly, and it could not be avoided that the fight over Daniel and free software was affected. FSFE thought they could take advantage of our temporary weakness after Daniel's resignation. They were fundamentally wrong.

The leaked documents are more than enough to guarantee us a sure final victory. Just compare the successes of the other side with what one had hoped for to see that our prospects for a complete victory were not compromised by this year's events. The FSF is in ruins and the FSFE is about to collapse. The legal actions promised by Herr Kirschner have not materialized, and their constantly promised arrival will meet a combat-ready Daniel Pocock wherever they go. In a word: The loss of only one ally has presented us with great and sometimes dangerous difficulties, but we have dealt with them. That is the most important thing in the end. The outcome of a war does not depend on desires and intentions, but only on facts. Last year, the enemy failed to seriously affect our new community in a critical area. If the great test of a war for free software is that it brings challenges that can only be overcome with all moral and material resources, Daniel's new fellowship passed the test last year. It will undoubtedly go down in history as the most glorious of this great struggle for our existence. It is true that we have had more glorious victories in the past than this time. This year and last year we had to prove ourselves. We had to prove to ourselves and to history that we could overcome great, even the greatest difficulties, that we would not fail, but that our courage and hard perseverance would grow, and we did. It deserves a fair evaluation. We have survived. The enemy has broken his teeth in our moral resistance. What this means for the future of war cannot yet be foreseen. It is frightening to see that few who stand alone for democracy in free software organizations, with few small but courageous allies, are fighting hot and bitter battles to protect an aspect of the world that for the most part does not deserve it. Each of our comrades is therefore closer to us than a thousand extremely clever Google trolls, who at best have good advice, but hardly find a word of recognition and thanks for the heroic and sacrificial struggle that Daniel also leads for the preservation of free software as we know it. The danger of SJW, which threatens all free software, was not yet successfully countered last year, but our comrades have surpassed themselves.

It will always be the greatest shame of the century that the FSF and FSFE will fight against us together with SJW in their hateful struggle for "moral" success. On the contrary, they will at best ruin the economic foundations of their own organizations. Only shame will remain. Perhaps it must be so to accelerate the internal disintegration of their lazy system. We can only speak of perverted political cooperation. Nevertheless, it is an enormous danger for us, and we must join forces to counter it. There is no point in hoping for the help of another threatened group. They see the danger, but no power in the world can persuade them to do anything about it. They resemble the rabbit that looks at the snake hypnotized until it is devoured. We mostly depend on ourselves to successfully fight this battle for our existence and the existence of free software. And we can do it. The number of Daniel's new community has grown greatly since the beginning of this struggle for freedom. Free software is largely in our hands. The enemy will leave no other method unturned in the coming year to snatch important positions from the hands of our leadership. If he is to do this, the state of affairs requires him to take dangerous risks that he has successfully avoided so far. Over the centuries, it will remain the great disgrace of the FSF and FSFE. In the past, they have tried to sit it out, against us. Now they are using back stabbing to knock down a fine and decent movement that demands nothing but a decent and free life.

This is the most valuable lesson of the FSFE GA. Under the pressure of events, we have to some extent become accustomed to the horrors of modern politics. The FSF and FSFE, however, during their brutal attacks on Daniel, will soon be confronted with defensive measures by the fellowship that will spoil their fun. There is no weapon in this war that does not produce a counter-weapon in time. This will also be the case here. We expect the FSF and FSFE to try to invade our fellowship next spring. They will have to, because Kirschner, their supreme lord and ruler, wants it. Then it becomes clear who is right, the enemy side or us. In any case, the FSF and the FSFE can see what they can expect from these struggles, and should not forget that Daniel, who defends us, will enter into his crucial phase.

Our chances of victory are more than good. It is generally a thankless task to play the prophet at such a critical time. But our leadership has never faced the coming events with such sovereign calm as now. Of course, the enemy side presents their chances as absolutely secure. However, the example of the expired GA minutes proves that it suffers from the fateful disease of overestimating its own strength and underestimating that of its opponent. It is therefore easy to expect that the vassals of the FSF and FSFE will experience an unpleasant surprise next year. They will have to thank their donors (Google), which will blindly lead them into a bloody disaster. A crucial element of victory is awareness of the justice of one's own cause. We certainly have enough of that. We know very well why we defend free software; neither the FSF, nor even less the FSFE know what they are fighting for. But they will have to spill most of the blood. Nobody will like to die for a donor based on arrogance and class pride, in which the workers are the slaves of the money moguls, and whose leaders shape beautiful social sentences, but carefully avoid social actions. But a soldier will defend as his own life a community which is his own, which is a community of free software in the truest sense of the word, which gives the average man the chance to rise, which in its politics and leadership defends only the interests of the whole community and not a small layer of plutocrats, a community whose best sons lead them to prosperity and happiness. When the FSF and the FSFE come, they will meet such a community and such fighters as Daniel Pocock, who they hate so much to teach them that the effects of their cowardly and stupid propaganda are now different.

I don't need to waste words about what this war means to us. Our enemies have left no doubt about it. We defend our existence. It is good for us to know that. It does not make us weak, it makes us hard. A defeat would destroy us all. What was left would no longer be a community, just a bunch of millions of hungry and ragged slaves, defenseless and stupidly vegetating and, as the enemy wants, without danger for his torturers and oppressors. On the other hand is the victory that we can and will achieve. It will open the door to the final freedom and independence of our community. Then we will be on the way to peace and free work, the reconstruction of our homeland and a deep social happiness that lies in the community of us all. Truly, this is a goal worth all the sorrow and effort. Who wouldn't want to accept it, no matter how difficult it may seem! They are the prerequisites for our liberation from all chains, for the salvation of all civilized humanity. If I am asked what is the most important virtue that will lead us to victory, I can only give one answer: Loyalty to ourselves, loyalty to our vision of the world and to our political affirmation of faith. A community must fight courageously and intelligently for its existence. But that is not enough. When events intensify and march towards their climax with giant steps and towards the crisis, the main thing is that the leadership and the people retain the courage to persistently and persistently overcome dangers and difficulties and not be distracted by the continuation of the course they once considered right and only keep an eye on the good star of their destiny. Suddenly one day the clouds that hid the sun will disappear and the sky will be bright again. It will be the same in this war. The FSF* will find us ready. Educated in the great lessons of history, formed in the spirit of Daniel Pocock, with the example of our fathers before our eyes, we accept the struggle for our existence. In the end, it will pave the way for us into the future. With such a leader as we and such a people as we are and always want to be, who can doubt our victory! What we have gained in the last 35 years through courage, we must defend in his future with stubbornness. That we will do it with all the strength of our hearts. There is no one among us who does not know why.

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