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ahilter at ahilter at
Thu Oct 17 16:26:24 BST 2019

I'm sorry, I chose bad words. English is not my mother tongue and in my family we say "gas" when we fart in someone's face. Several people contacted me and told me that my words sounded like mass murder. I'm sorry about that. 

I really just wanted to talk about farting and I was hoping that maybe some shit would come along, because that can happen sometimes when the fart is especially strong. Diarrhea in the face is unpleasant, but funny. Unfortunately, I have been able to gain a lot of experience with it lately involuntarily. I've wished Michael had diarrhea before and this time I've wished he'd get it, but from the other side. I wanted to wish him something disgusting, but nothing inhuman. I am sorry! Please forgive me!

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