a gift to SJW

RMS Support ignucius at tutanota.com
Thu Oct 17 19:03:20 BST 2019

Thanks for the pictures! Anyone who has problems with naked women should have a
neurologist examine them.

I've been a silent reader of the list archive so far, but I'm happy to see how
things develop.

So far nobody has dared to tell the truth, but it becomes clear that the whole
scene is corrupt. These left-wing extremists have overthrown RMS, but also
other leaders of the growing wave. The only credible force is here, among us.

Finally the masses open up to promote the true elite of the world and send the
scum that is among us back home. The latest events only are a small backlash.

It is a shame that 8chan and other forums of freedom are being censored.
perhaps this list will be the new place to tell the truth? Maybe we should
change the settings to no longer show names here, only "anonymous"?

[[[ I already hear SJWs in my head complaining about truth-speaker. You 
should leave this list if you cannot stand free speech ]]]


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