Can I block this sender? Was: Re: FSFE minutes, or a vendetta?

RMS Support ignucius at
Thu Oct 17 21:30:41 BST 2019

17. Okt. 2019, 22:21 von daniel at
anonymous identities on this email list.  We can all thank Cryptie for
her leadership in the use of anonymity, she was first and I won't be the
one to compromise her real name.
He he, that is ironic as you told us the truth about her name already.

I appreciate you so much but that is the sole activity that I did no like 
so much. We should all be anonymous, else social justice warriors 
(a.k.a. wankers) will put too much pressure on the ones who say true things.

On the other hand she is part of the conspiracy against RMS and Linus 
and receives money by the French state and the European Union to 
assassinate the privacy and physical well-being of you and other truth-tellers. 
I cannot say how much I hate those left-terroristic governments that 
destroy our society.


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