Can I block this sender? Was: Re: FSFE minutes, or a vendetta?

Roland Häder roland at
Thu Oct 17 21:51:05 BST 2019

On 10/17/2019 10:23 PM, RMS Support wrote:
> Oct 17, 2019, 20:04 by roland at
>> Is there a way where I can setup a personal (non-global) block against a
>> specific sender? Starting to become annoying what this one (you know who)
>> writes. To much BS for me.
> I cannot understand why people like you want to block valid opinions.
> I assume you mean A. Hilter. He says some strange things but he
> rightfully pointed out that there are dangerous people like Stehman
> exist who you usually don't know. You should not censor particular 
> people who say the truth, even if it may hurt.
> Sometimes pain is a good cleansing mechanism for body and brain.
> You should try it.
> If you cannot hold the truth, you should leave this list. We don't need you
> to get rid of the scum that eradicates our dear leaders.
> Here, I even help you:
> --
> _______________________________________________
> Discussion mailing list
> Discussion at
I like your statements a lot as I tend to speak the truth over lies out
and I may include "horse and rider", means responsible persons in it.
But one thing starts anoying here and that is this constant attacks on
FSF/E/A (and maybe not limited to them). I'm a recurring anually donor
and I keep it as long as I can effort, so I'm a FSFE member. But this
"campaigning" is in some way hilarious to me simply because what the
main goal of the FSF/E/A is, the spread use use free-libre open source
software (FLOSS).

So these attacks are really not needed while we all should be thankful
to RMS, Linus Torwalds, Alan Cox and all the other great and genius
people. So thank you what you did to the world. Without you, this would
be a much worse place. Maybe others come up with same idiologies but
maybe they won't be organizes as the FSF/E/A and others are.

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