FSFE minutes, or a vendetta?

RMS Support ignucius at tutanota.com
Thu Oct 17 21:55:56 BST 2019

>>Can you ask them? I am asking them.
> Yes, put mk at fsfe.org on CC.  He is the FSFE president.

I say, let us not ask any more but just say the truth. Indeed this 
is far beyond FSFE.

We have to question everything. Your revelations made clear that 
Debian is a assassination community lead by egoists. Your and 
others' revelations made clear that Software Freedom Conservancy 
is a group of backstabbers who would kill their own mother to 
spread their leftist propaganda. Together, we can proof that RMS is
 supposed to be assassinated by so-called justice warrior who want 
nothing more than a diverse community, containing scum that we
 cannot tolerate if we want to keep our society free.

I received word lately at a conference in Belgium: also "April" in 
France is a malicious actor who has to be observed. It seems
 they work together with monopolist companies to fund their mission 
to become a huge European organisation. Does anybody know where 
we could find the skeletons in their closet?


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