on SJWs and feminists

Jean Louis bugs at gnu.support
Fri Oct 18 10:22:07 BST 2019

* Christian Imhorst <christian.imhorst at fsfe.org> [2019-10-18 14:37]:
> Am 18. Oktober 2019 09:47:09 MESZ schrieb Christian Kalkhoff <softmetz at fsfe.org>:
> >I hardly can imagine how fearful it has to be for you wimpy whiners
> >to see the world your dads showed you through their eyes to change
> >to something you can't understand out of your holes and echo
> >chambers.
> It's worse then that. People like him,  ahilter and others on this
> list are spreading fascist Propaganda. They are hyping up fascists
> and want to send people with a different opinion into gas (this
> cannot be misunderstood with 'farting'). And they think that's
> freedom of speech. Disgusting.

If this would be GNU project mailing list, I would say to keep things
non-partisan, same is valid for Adolf and for anti-Adolfs, I don't
care. But I am not saying it as owner of this list is one to decide.

My opinion is that free speech is human right that is valid both for
fascists and anti-fascists. Yet owner of mailing lists decides how to
police the discussion or topics being discussed.


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