on SJWs and feminists

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Oct 17, 2019, 22:01 by daniel at pocock.pro:
Bradley Kuhn and I both received part of our education in Jesuit

He's a traitor! You should not use his name in the same sentence as yours! You may, of course, lead him to his end, as you suggested with the wills of the FSFE members. But you shouldn't do anything else!

Social justice is an important part of the Jesuit tradition.

Then the Jesuit doctrine sucks. SJW are our enemies because they want to keep us away from the pleasures of life. Just because we are men, we should no longer dominate. I like women, but they should just fight for their rights. So far they obviously haven't been able to do that, otherwise there wouldn't be more men in leadership positions everywhere. Women have had all the opportunities for a long time and still haven't made it. That is why the SJW are now fighting with unfair means to oppress us. One must not support this, otherwise we men will be slaves some day!

The way the feminist label is used is an insult to many women who work
That's right, I did. Women who work hard are great. And I don't just mean that they cook well. I also like women who program and are good at math. There are less of them than men, but I think it's good that these women make progress in our community. This is good for the women, but also good for us, because then we have more beautiful people at our conferences.

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