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Fri Oct 18 12:16:56 BST 2019

Oct 17, 2019, 18:03 by ignucius at tutanota.com:
Thanks for the pictures! Anyone who has problems with naked women should have a
neurologist examine them.

That is so true! The SJW just don't get that, but we love women! We can't help ourselves. We show them our admiration from top to bottom at every opportunity. I would be happy if I got so much attention. Most women are also happy about it and many wear especially tight jeans or pretty short dresses at conferences, so we give them more compliments. You should always ask them if they want to come to the room. You should do that because approval is important. Daniel has already written about this:
I know that not everyone leaves it at looks or nice compliments to body parts. Sometimes a nerd has special pressure and can touch it. To the breasts or the buttocks. Of course, that's not okay. One should ask first. But you also have to understand that the nerds often have such pressure. And a slap in the face has proven to be a good reaction. Women have to take this step if they want to participate well in our community.

It is a shame that 8chan and other forums of freedom are being censored.
perhaps this list will be the new place to tell the truth? Maybe we should
change the settings to no longer show names here, only "anonymous"?
That's a great idea! Daniel, can you adjust that? We need such a room. I think 8chan or another forum also first had the nice nude photos of celebrities that Wikileaks sent us yesterday. Men just sometimes need that as inspiration, because otherwise it can take forever to get there, even with uncircumcised men and cream. For circumcised men it is even more difficult. In Britain, the US, Australia and New Zealand alike, fear of masturbation was the biggest driving force behind the introduction of routine circumcision of boys in the late 19th century. Daniel is probably badly hurt by this terrible policy. That's why he is now so worried about government influence on our community. At some point the prevention of masturbation as a justification for medically unnecessary circumcision was no longer sufficient, so hygienic and health "reasons" had to be found quickly. But the pleasure-reducing effect of circumcision and its preventive effect against masturbation remained one of the most important sales arguments for circumcision and even in the 1970s the prevention of masturbation was mentioned in leading American medical textbooks as a legitimate reason for circumcising infants and children. In order to achieve the best result, one must cut away so much skin and mucous membrane that the remaining residue is pulled tight when later erections occur. There should be no skin play once the wound has healed thoroughly. The remaining skin must be tight against the penis. If there is only the slightest leeway, the man will resume his practice without hesitation, not regretting the time and additional effort that will be required to achieve an orgasm. After all, it is a fact that the more time it takes to reach an orgasm, the less often it is tried to reach it and consequently the greater the benefit achieved. The glans of the penis is densely interspersed with nerves and the slightest irritation is enough to cause great discomfort. It is not uncommon to observe a child pulling its foreskin. With increasing age, the habit of masturbation is very often attributed to it. But after circumcision the glans is always dry. It loses so much of its extreme sensitivity, and since any unnatural irritation is prevented, thinking is not directed at the sexual organs. The cleanliness and chastity which undoubtedly promotes circumcision are probably the reason why the operation has been practiced for so many centuries, and may also be the cause why it gained religious significance. If they take these forums away from us where we can exchange such pictures without censorship, then we are ultimately all circumcised.

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