how the RMS / FSF coup was exposed

Daniel Pocock daniel at
Mon Sep 23 17:32:50 BST 2019

Two revelations today make it clear that what happened in FSF, the
removal of RMS, is a coup:

a) John Sullivan lowered himself to a blatant act of gaslighting and
misquoting.  I wrote about the welfare of volunteers exposed to
bullying, he misrepresented it as an accusation of murder.  This is
entirely consistent with the tactics used to misrepresent RMS.  This
time, it came from Sullivan himself, the FSF Executive Director

b) Sullivan has also confirmed that communications are being censored[2]
on FSF mailing lists, "we are now having to review posts before they are
distributed".  Clearly, posts which don't suit the narrative of the
coup, like mine, will not get through.




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