how the RMS / FSF coup was exposed

Daniel Pocock daniel at
Mon Sep 23 17:41:32 BST 2019

On 23/09/2019 18:35, Alex Stapleton wrote:
> Sad to see the FSFE is infested with the same rot as their US counterpart.
> rms' time was up, instead of spreading FUD you should be wondering
> what's next for free software?

Whether that is right or wrong (you are not the only one who feels that
way), it would have been better if he could retire with some dignity
instead of these misquoting and lynching games that come out of the

It is actually quite important for the future of free software
everywhere: the RMS situation and other lynchings give people the
feeling they shouldn't take any public role in an organization because
there is a huge downside risk if they make a mistake or get in a tussle
with one of the cabals.

If you want free software to have a future, we need to replace that with
a message that there is no downside risk, no demotions, people can make
mistakes or take a break and come back and they won't be punished.



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