Help undermine the censorship & defamation game

Christopher Waid chris at
Mon Sep 23 21:20:32 BST 2019

I would like to welcome everyone here regardless of ones position to 
call into any of three shows that I co-host to continue the RMS 

Lets not allow the censorship and defamation to continue. We should not 
cement mob justice. An apt quote for what is happening here: "The only 
thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing".

You can do that either on a nationally syndicated radio show called Free 
Talk Live that I co-host and/or a freedom slanted tech show that I also 
co-host called Freedom Decrypted. The third show is called Call to 
Freedom and airs on LRN as well as a handful of pirate stations (as does 
Freedom Decrypted).

All of the shows I partake in producing or co-host value open 
discussion. We may not agree with genocide, but nobody is going to stop 
you from arguing for it. The reality is a show like this isn't easy to 
keep on the air. Mob justice is a real threat to such a show. 
Particularly to the degree that open discussion is respected. Nothing 
outside of FCC prohibitions and threats of violence is censored (at 
least on FTL, the other shows aren't as strict).

This is just how extreme it can get: The mob has posted defamatory 
flyers about one of my co-hosts that were even more disturbing and 
defamatory than what has come out of this attack on RMS believe it or 
not. Things have at times been so bad as there to be FBI raids on the 
studio. Yes- even the FBI has and continues to attempt to crucify us 
even if its mostly been reputational. Though one co-host did spend a 
year in jail rather than inform for the FBI (ie though an informant 
would be silly given we're open and honest on the air about everything). 
Two weeks previously one co-host pointed out some hypocrisy at the FBI. 
They came in and stole 10s of thousands of dollars worth of studio 
equipment and made sure the news reported similar loaded and false 
accusations about one of the co-hosts and producers. This was not there 
first attempt either. Fortunately this wasn't our first rodeo either and 
the show never missed a beat. 7ish stations were lost, but no lasting 
damage. The tactics were the same as those used against RMS. The 
difference being we had the galls to stand up to the mob and FBI abuse. 
While the legal system has been repeatedly used it has been character 
assignation attacks mostly via the legal system as no real crimes 
(involving violence, theft, etc) have ever actually been committed by 
anyone. That isn't to say my one co-host didn't face 100 years in prison 
by refusing to take a plea deal. Certainly no crimes were committed 
period in the most serious claims that were alluded to under the guise 
of the one FBI studio raid and "investigation". Future charges for 
non-serious "crimes" may eventually occur given the determination by the 
FBI to take us out. Though given how many (dozens) it'll probably be a 
bit of a challenge (they will probably attack select individuals though 
holding things together). Most likely they will bring some charge 
involving drugs or cryptocurrencies as these are the easiest tools 
they've got to work with when attacking people. Though they also know we 
know that so they might try to throw some other wrench at us. They don't 
like it when you know they're coming.

Below I'm linking to some of the shows that have already covered RMS, 
but keep in mind these are 3 hour shows and you may need to wade through 
unrelated discussion if you want to hear the already had discussions.

Free Talk Live is a major syndicated radio show that airs on 200+ radio 
stations, online, and via satellite. Freedom Decrypted is a fairly new 
(a year old) freedom slanted tech show. And there is a third show called 
Call to Freedom, but I'm not sure how to post links to archived versions 
of that show.

Sept 21st: Freedom Decrypted

Show topics: Attack on Richard Stallman & His Resignation (and how GNU’s 
rewriting RMS out of its history)

Sept 17th: Free Talk Live

Show topics: Epstein's "sex trafficking" :: Stallman resigns from Free 
Software Foundation :: Rape statistics :: Rape, rape everywhere

Sept 14th: Freedom Decrypted

Show topics: Famed Computer Scientist Richard Stallman Described Epstein 
Victims As ‘Entirely Willing’

Sept 13th: Free Talk Live

Show topics: Richard Stallman Stirs Controversy Over Jeffrey Epstein and 
Age of Consent :: Were Epstein's Girls Victims? :: Statutory Rape :: 
Mother of Cody Wilson's 'Victim' Makes Revealing Court Statement

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