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On 2019-09-26 07:58 PM, Daniel Pocock wrote:
> On 27/09/2019 01:20, Christopher Waid wrote:
>> On 2019-09-26 01:16 PM, Daniel Pocock wrote:
>>> On 23/09/2019 22:20, Christopher Waid wrote:
>>>> I would like to welcome everyone here regardless of ones position to
>>>> call into any of three shows that I co-host to continue the RMS
>>>> discussion.
>>> Did anybody already respond?  I might be able to help you out.
>> No, at least not that I know of. Free Talk Live airs 7 days a week 
>> from
>> 7-10PM ET. Given it's a 3 hour show every night of the week no 
>> co-hosts
>> have that much time to dedicate to it. One co-host is on 5-6 nights a
>> week, but the show is his baby (founded it). It is an open phones show
>> so regardless of who is co-hosting you can call in and get on the air 
>> to
>> talk about the RMS story. It doesn't matter if that is what is being
> Not everybody here agrees with each other, but for radio that is
> probably a good thing.  We can escalate from e-mail flame-wars to 
> voice.
> Any press is good press.
> How can people call in,

Phone # is at when you call in you get a weird 
message, but a moderator eventually picks up if you stay on hold and 
they'll ask for your name and topic of conversation.

That show airs on free to air satellite so you might be able to pick it 
up locally even (and certainly on the internet) although I don't know if 
it covers Australia. I think there is a satellite covering Africa and 
Europe and maybe North America. Free to air satellite though appears to 
be more a Europe/Africa thing.

> do you want them to email you personally to
> arrange a time or do you want to announce the number for people to 
> call?

No need. Just call the show.

> Personally, I'm in Europe, so I'm usually 5 or 6 hours ahead of the
> show.

Thought you said Australia. Anyway. Maybe you said Austria. Really you 
just call in and bring up whatever topic you want to talk about. The 
shows co-hosts will bring stuff in, but in part that is to ensure that 
there is three hours worth of news to talk about. That is how these 
sorts of shows work. I know talk radio is more of an American thing and 
before I started co-hosting the show it's not exactly something I'd have 
called into either. Well, still wouldn't really.

> It may be easier for people in the US time zones.

I'm not sure that it matters that much when you call in or what day. 
However, that said for the best reception on this issue you can call in 
on a day I'm on. I co-host on Fridays. There is another co-host on 
Tuesdays whom is also very knowledge about the topic and has 
independently brought in stories on it to talk about on the show.

That said a third co-host who is on 5-6 nights a week also was a FSF 
associate member... and he's probably not the only one... so probably no 
matter what day you call in you'll be on with people whom are conscious 
of the RMS issue.

In fact another co-host is also very knowledgeable as well.  Three 
people I can speak of. I don't know about any other co-hosts off the top 
of my head, but I do know that at least one other is at least technical 
and knowledgeable about free software to one degree or another and 
privacy related matters.

Honestly- like it's going to be hard to find a night where you can call 
in and anybody is going to go "Free software? What is that? Who is 
RMS?". It's not a free software show. It's not a tech show. But in large 
part there will probably be at least someone on almost any night of the 
week who is going to able to hold a conversation with you on this 
subject and even if they weren't familiar with this topic it wouldn't 
matter. You'll still be given the chance to bring up the RMS issue and 
say whatever you like.

Keep in mind you won't have that much time to talk. It's probably going 
to be 5 min. Sometimes people get kept on the line longer, but it's 
really just dependent on a variety of factors. Like how interesting the 
conversation is. Tech issues are a little hard to keep going just 
because the audience is not technical and we don't want to lose 
listeners. However that said we regularly talk about these topics for an 
hour when someone has brought in a story. And we have covered RMS at 
least 2-3 times on the show for an hour maybe each time.

>>>> This is just how extreme it can get: The mob has posted defamatory
>>>> flyers about one of my co-hosts that were even more disturbing and
>>> I can think of a more extreme example.  There was a guy at my uni in
>>> Australia who opened a post office box
>>> The guy in question is #1 on America's Most Wanted Journalists.
>>> US authorities allegedly had the PO box closed.  The post office 
>>> closed.
>>>  Then demolished.
>>>   po box 4080 melbourne university
>>> My own box was about one meter away
>>> They are still chasing him today.
>> True or not that sounds more like a fake conspiracy theory. While my
> PO box 4080 Melbourne University was Wikileaks
> Efforts to shut them down are not exactly a conspiracy theory, it is
> high on the list of US government priorities.

Aww- Well that is interesting. The part about demolishing a post office 
still sounds a bit far fetched. What reason could they have for doing 
anything other than closing the PO Box? If it was demolished it was 
probably unrelated to Wikileaks.

> Regards,
> Daniel
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