getting your invitation to the FSFE e.V. annual meeting in Essen

Daniel Pocock daniel at
Fri Sep 27 02:33:31 BST 2019

Hi everybody,

If you want to attend the annual meeting, have a vote, see the financial
documents, resist Google influence and support RMS you can send the
email template below.

Free Software is all about the four freedoms, the rights you have as a
user of software.  Being an FSFE e.V. member is about rights too.  Not
being a member means not having rights, it is like using proprietary
software.  So if you care about rights, now is the time to ask.  Please
feel free to CC the list when you send your request to Herr Kirschner.



To: mk at, privacy at
Subject: GDPR and my membership of FSFE e.V.

Dear Matthias,

I am writing to request that you confirm my status as a member of FSFE
e.V. using your powers under section §3 of the FSFE e.V. constitution
within 7 days and send me a written invitation to attend the General
Assembly meeting for 2019.

If you are unable to do so within 7 days then I exercise my rights under
the GDPR[2] Article 17 requesting that you erase all records relating to
me and I will make no further financial contributions to FSFE e.V.


(your name)



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