consent to be deceived?

Christopher Waid chris at
Sun Sep 29 21:26:48 BST 2019

On 2019-09-29 11:30 AM, Danny Spitzberg wrote:
> Daniel, clearly there are many people here demanding to be removed
> from this list.
> And when I receive two emails from Adrienne about #RiseUp, etc. via
> FSF and FSFE, it’s clear that this list is a *new* list you’ve
> subscribed me to *without my consent.*
> It’s pretty embarrassing to see your hand-wringing and spin about
> censorship, too - if you ever poke around the fascist #MAGA corner of
> Twitter, you’ll see disingenuous complaining about ‘the truth’
> (hate speech and abusive content) being ‘censored’ when what is
> actually happening is, it’s simply not getting more attention - and
> rightfully so.
> Please remove me, and everyone you added.

No, please don't remove anyone. If you want removed remove yourself. 
There is a link to do so.

I'll explain to those who aren't familiar with this thing called the 
internet how it works. You can send packets to anybody you like. You 
WILL receive packets and you have agreed to this by the participation in 
said network- even packets you don't particularly care for. Your options 
to stop those evil packets are effectively to ignore them. Fortunately 
there are tools for that. From firewalls to spam filters to unsubscribe 
links. That is how the internet works in the real world. You don't get 
to control other people no matter how entitled you are because 
ultimately at the end of the day there are different laws in different 
jurisdictions and in practice jurisdictions without any laws. Pass a law 
in one or many states, cities, counties, regions, countries, or even 
unions doesn't magically stop others elsewhere from sending you packets 
you don't particularly care for.

While I didn't sign up for this list, and understand the argument to the 
extent that signing up random people who have no desire to be on the 
list shouldn't be signed up that isn't what happened here. If you can't 
see that its because of your own bias and perceptions. It is apparent 
why this list came to be. There was division among participants in a 
particular other list.

So long as this new list respects those with dissenting opinions (ie 
those who are liars with a clear bias, and all-of-a-sudden anti-RMS) I 
would like to remain. I have no desire to live in an echo chamber. While 
I was not on the other list I understand why I was added. At worst if I 
want to remove myself I will click the appropriate link or otherwise 
block it. Compared to all the other packets I don't care to receive this 
one isn't such a big deal.

And to be clear I don't particularly know the person who signed me up 
for this list, although it may be apparent based on the discussion here, 
and as such I don't know if I agree with them or not on any particular 

> On Sun, Sep 29, 2019 at 2:55 AM Florian Snow <floriansnow at>
> wrote:
>> On September 29, 2019 9:42:25 AM GMT+02:00, Daniel Pocock
>> <daniel at> wrote:
>>> This is the same list with a new name,
>> No, it is a new list with a similar name (in order to confuse and
>> deceive) and you subscribed everyone without their consent.
>>> Censorship on the FSFE-operated list is a form >of deception, it
>> hides the views of some people.
>> I am quite happy to prevent certain statements through moderation.
>> Racist statements come to mind, for example. And you also turn
>> moderation on here, so there you go.
>>> There is no evidence that Fellows consented
>>> to being deceived.
>> Exactly. So comply with the unsubscribe requests.
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