consent to be deceived?

Daniel Pocock daniel at
Sun Sep 29 21:57:14 BST 2019

On 29/09/2019 22:26, Christopher Waid wrote:

> While I didn't sign up for this list, and understand the argument to the
> extent that signing up random people who have no desire to be on the
> list shouldn't be signed up that isn't what happened here. If you can't
> see that its because of your own bias and perceptions. It is apparent
> why this list came to be. There was division among participants in a
> particular other list.

I see it like this:

When a Fellow wrote his will, leaving EUR 150,000 to the FSFE, it looks
like he believed it was an organization true to the mission started by
RMS.  There was a Fellowship and elections.

When the Fellow had died and the money had been handed over to FSFE, the
organization had changed.  It was more true to its biggest sponsor,
Google, than to the philosophy of RMS.  There was no more recognition of
the Fellowship and no more representatives democratically elected to
scrutinize the way his bequest would be used.

Fellows had been moved to a Supporter program, without consent.  The
Supporter program is not the same as the Fellowship.  Being a Fellow is
something that people can put on their CV, or they can be introduced as
a Fellow when speaking at an event.  Fellows get to vote, Supporters don't.

This mailing list aims to carry on the original spirit of the Fellowship
while the FSFE is clearly diverging from it.

The loudest voices on this list don't speak for everybody.  People can
speak for themselves in the privacy of the ballot box.  Make your own

A) if you are a Fellow and never consented to join the Supporter
program, click here:


B) if you do consent to becoming a Supporter and not a Fellow you can
click here:


C) if you are fed up, you can click both links, here they are again:

> and as such I don't know if I agree with them or not on any particular
> issue.

The odd thing is, the people who tend to agree on a lot of things are
the people who end up fighting the most about who is more "right" or who
should get to wear a special hat.

With RMS eliminated, will FSF and FSFE get together at Woodstock like
the rival communist parties did in 1921 so they could beg the Soviets to
recognise them as "real" communists too?

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