FSFE's €150,000 bequest

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.pro
Sun Sep 29 23:58:47 BST 2019

Hi all,

There has been ongoing speculation about the €150,000 bequest for some time

FSFE asserts that the will prohibits them from naming the person.  I
personally haven't sought to distribute the person's name and I don't
know if there is a compelling reason to do so anyway.  So I feel it is a
good idea to respect that.

Nonetheless, here is some of what is being asked:

Was the bequest to FSFE known to next-of-kin, or were they completely
excluded from seeing the will because of the secrecy clause or because
their names were never included in the will at all?

Was the will changed shortly before the death or was it written a long
time before?

Was the death anticipated (e.g. a terminal illness), suspicious or
anything else?  To be clear, this is not an allegation that FSFE
contributed to the death in any way.

Did FSFE know the person was going to die or may be at risk?

Has FSFE done general campaigning for bequests from other fellows or
was this an isolated case?

Those who work in the field of wills and estates on a daily basis don't
take anything for granted.



Debian Developer

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