transparency and succession

Florian Snow floriansnow at
Mon Sep 30 11:10:49 BST 2019


In the interest of transparency, I as one of Daniel's successors in
whatever this here is [0], would like to point everyone, but especially,
the new suscribers here to the full story so that everyone can make up
their own mind and not just about selective and misleading statements
from Daniel.

You can find information about how Daniel got many of the addresses he
used to subscribe people here on our own mailing list [1].  And if you
want to find out more about the back story, you can also find it there
[2].  Since both of those are long emails, here two tl;dr versions:

Getting subscriber data:
In brief, your email addresses were used by a third party to create
another mailing list, unaffiliated with and without the consent and
prior knowledge of the FSFE, on the web infrastructure of another
company. Shortly afterwards, the third party then ran automation scripts
to unsubscribe all members of the FSFE's list, which resulted in you
receiving emails requesting your confirmation to unsubscribe from the
FSFE's lists. The FSFE has informed the relevant Federal authorities in
Germany of this breach, and we are in contact with legal counsel to
explore our options to ensure that our communities are protected.

So if you are happy here, feel free to stay, but please know that this
is not an official FSFE mailing list.  If you were under the impression
that it is and what to leave, you can use this link:
If you don't want to take those steps, you could also flag these mails
as spam and eventually, they will stop coming.

Back story:
Daniel has repeatedly threatened blackmail, performed it, abused our
systems, constantly derailed discussions, never offered to take on any
of the work he suggested, nor did he ever work actively on any steps in
that direction, yet he accused us of inaction repeatedly and called
everyone who pointed this out a bully.

By the way, Daniel, I would like to invite a few more people here.
Please provide me with admin access because I am one of your
successors. [0]

Happy hacking!


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