Reporting mailing list as spam == being a swine (was: transparency and succession)

Dmitry Alexandrov 321942 at
Mon Sep 30 20:21:53 BST 2019

Florian Snow <floriansnow at> wrote:
> If you were under the impression that it is and what to leave, you can use this link:
> If you don't want to take those steps, you could also flag these mails as spam and eventually, they will stop coming.

I’m not sympathetic to misinformation, but what you suggest is even worse.

The worst thing can happen, when a person was subscribed to a mailing list, is that he starts getting information he do not want.

Whereas flagging mail as spam in a typical modern setup means reporting it somewhere, so by doing that you increase the odds of someone else missing an important piece of information that he _do_ want to get.

Never flag mail that might be useful for anyone as spam, unless your are sure that these flags remain purely local.  (Or unless you want to be a swine).
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