Cryptie @ FSFE == Amandine Jambert @ CNIL, France

Peter Wright at
Mon Feb 3 20:45:49 GMT 2020

It's time for change.  Let's expose another scandal!

Cryptie is really a French Government spy.  The official story is that M. Cryptie working at CNIL, the French state data protection agency. and her real name is Amandine Jambert.  Lots and lots of photos and videos to prove this.

Thanks to our amazing Fellowship representative, we all know that FSFE had this big exposure of Financial Datas, bank accounts, credit cards, date of birth, secret words, your fingerprints and your DNA.  They know your favourite colour and the name of your cat.  Our Fellowship representative told us that Matthias Kirschner and the FSFE Council decided not to report the privacy incident.  Cover up.

This FSFE scandal is a blatant slap in the face of data protection laws.  Every privacy breach has to be reported to the victims.  This was an FSFE e.V. cover up orchestrated from the top, right up in the FSFE council.  Criminals.  Prosecute them.

How can a CNIL employee sit there in FSFE GA fairyland and pretend everything is OK!!!!

The mighty organization against a lone volunteer.  The organization used the minutes of the annual meeting to publish malicious and vile personal attacks on a volunteer.  This is an extraordinary act of abuse.

No organization can use the name of a volunteer in a public document like that.

No CNIL employeee can touch the FSFE minutes with a ten foot pole!

Tell us, how can a CNIL employee be associated with this toxic bunch of Nazis from Berlin, the FSFE?

Is Madame Jambert a collaborator with these Nazis, the Vichy administration with Hitler and the SS reborn in 2020?  Does Madame Jambert live a double life?

Is our Madame Jambert a French spy, penetration agent, sent to watch the Germans doing all this abuse and report back to her masters in Paris?

Tell us.  This is too much.

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