the free software movement as revealed by a small meteor

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the year is 2075, and a small meteor is headed for the northeast united states. after it enters earths atmosophere and partly disintegrates, it is expected to be the size of a self-driving delivery truck. various earth observatories expect it to land squarely on the free software foundation offices in boston. responses follow from each group of free software advocates, respectively:

 | "we acknowledge that a meteor is headed for an office in new england, united states."
 | "this meteor is a tragedy, and we are going to build the worlds largest ever laser to prevent its collision. we expect to have a beta version out some time next week."

free media alliance
 | "this meteor is a vital free-software-related problem that we need to address, or it will destroy the offices of the original free software organisation. we should move the offices, perform server backups immediately, and get everyone to safety. unless kuhn is in the building, then maybe we should consider our options."

free software community of india
 | "we have a project to calculate the exact time the meteor will hit on our gitlab, this may help with disaster planning."

free software fellowship
 | "there was already a project underway to divert the meteor, until google paid them hundreds of thousands of dollars to focus on some other problem."

free software force
 | "stallman would be against this meteor! we should reanimate him and reinstate him to the fsf."

free software foundation
 | "Our NEW Free Software 2075 Sticker Pack is now in the FSF Store. The Free Software Foundation needs YOU to help us stand up for your freedom. Join today!"

fsfe staff and board page
 | "oncoming meteor, deputy space outreach [part-time position]"

free software foundation india
 | "march 2006: the amazon kindle is a new e-reader that poses a serious problem for the right to read."

free software foundation latin america
 | (they havent said anything about it, but they are probably on our side. either way, when the dust settles they will be the new fsf. hopefully at this point they have moved their servers out of fsfe control. can you imagine the fsfe controlling the servers of not only fsfla, but the primary free software foundation as well?)

alexandre oliva, one of the 8 3/4 presidents of fsf boston
 | "i am completely against meteors hitting the fsf, but im not sure this really has anything to do with free software. of course i admit some concern about the office building, but this really is outside the mission of the fsf. that doesnt mean that someone couldnt create a different organisation to address this."

fsf board
 | actually the only people left on the fsf board in 2075 are oliva, the meteor and bryan lunduke. the next board meeting is scheduled for june 2077.

irish free software organisation
 | "theres a meteor headed for the fsf offices, but it looks like theyre going to do nothing and just let it hit."

mlrms 18.7.201 machine learning rms, a fork of vrms
 | "could you explain how this meteor is related to free software? is it under a non-free license?"

software freedom conservancy
 | "we look forward to working with this meteor in future free software and open source efforts."

software freedom law center
 | "meteors and other truck-sized objects falling from space are becoming a problem for your freedom that cant be ignored."
 | "latest telescope images of meteor on collision course with fsf office | how to use rsync to backup every server at fsf boston | how to install ubuntu lts on the amazon echo mark xi (voice activation doesnt work) | 2075 meteor wallpaper"

 | "oncoming meteor poses substantial threat to free software, fsf offices"

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